10 Most Popular Social Media, Do You Use?

Development of social media makes human tasks easier. In the past, you use social media just to send news or messages, but now you can use social media for many functions to help your business. These are Most Popular Social Media.

In 2022, the number of internet users in the world will reach more than 202.6 million. It increased 16% compared to the previous year. For this information, you will get the most used social media in the world.

10 Most Popular Social Media for Internet User

The Increase of internet users is accompanied by the enhancement of social media users. Some fields such as education, business, and politics use social media to help their affair. Now, most popular social media consist of:

1. YouTube

Youtube is a platform of video sharing sites. Various types of videos can be uploaded via YouTube, including video lessons, music, educational videos, short films, movie clips, TV series, and vlogs.

YouTube was founded in February 2005 by Jawed Karim, Stephen Chen and Chad Hurley. In the development, the existence of Youtube also created a new profession that we have known as Youtuber or influencer.

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an instant message that is included in a social media application .You can use WA from your smartphone or laptop.

WhatsApp does not use credit like SMS, but uses internet data. So with this app, you don’t have to worry about input character length.

There is no limit as long as you have enough internet data. This application has several functions which also send photos, videos, and documents. Today, WA hace two types consisting of original WA and business WA.

3. Instagram

The nex most popular social media is Instagram. This application is one of the most popular social media in the world, especially among young people. Instagram users can edit photos and videos and post them on the homepage of Instagram.

The friendship system on Instagram is like Twitter. Followers means other users who follow you, following means you follow other users. Twitter will be the most popular social media by Indonesian users in 2022.

4. Facebook

The next most popular social media is Facebook. It has many features like sharing photos, videos, places and other activities. Facebook users in the world are always developing every year.

5. Twitter

The hot news about Twitter became a trending topic when Elon Musk bought this app. The news makes Twitter back to being the most popular social media.

This app is a social network and microblogging concept. Twitter users reach more than 500 million users.

Twitter is a practical and simple application with a different platform from other social media.

Twitter has become the most popular social media because every user gets freedom of speech to make posts.

6. Line

The next most popular social media is Line. This app is an instant message application that allows users to communicate with each other over the Internet. Just like Whatsapp, Line can also send text messages, photos, videos, documents and links.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media site focused on professional and business networking. LinkedIn is used to showcase the skills and experiences of individuals such as the experience of employees, entrepreneurs, lecturers, and others.

LinkedIn lets you create a professional profile by adding a bio, photo, education, and other experiences. This app allows to develop professional relationships that will help improve careers, and working relationships.

8. TikTok

Social media user age in Indonesia 2022 is the young generation.  Tiktok is an application used for recording, editing and uploading to various social media.

Tiktok lets you create short videos with music and captions. The application is uniquely appropriate with the user age.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site posted on a virtual board where users can create groups and photo albums. Uniquely, these Pinterest users can create from their own uploads or from a collection of other users’ photos that users have found on Pinterest.

When you find a photo or video on Pinterest, you can share it with other people using the same app. As the most popular social media, Pinterest also can be a reference from people who are looking for pictures.

10. Telegram

The next most popular social media  is Telegram . It is a messaging application that allows users to send end-to-end encrypted secret chat messages for added security.

Telegram can be used on android, iphone, windows phone and computer.

Benefits of Using Most Social Media

For this opportunity, there are some benefits of social media.

Actually, social media is not only looking for happiness, but more than that, social media also has a useful side that will explain in this description.

1. As Equipment Tools

The use of social media is for social communication between individuals, because it facilitates the closeness of people.

Social media communication becomes easy anytime, anywhere and is not limited by time and place.

2. To Meet Old and New Friends

Social media is now facilitated by bringing together alumni and friends from elementary, junior high, high school, and college.

So that when friends are lost it is easy to find them. Not only can you find old friends, but of course you can also easily find new friends.

3. As An Entertainment

There are so many features of social media, it’s fun because you can see friends’ statuses, funny stories, and funny photos. In this way, it annoys you, relieves fatigue, and create laughter and smiles.

4. To Be A Hobby

If you have an interesting hobby, social media can also serve as a hobby channel. Because social media can be used as a community gathering place to manage hobbies. Social media also stores memories.

5. As A Medium of Information

Social media can be used as a medium of information. Of course, you can get information or provide information to other people.

This information can be used to ask for help, assist in the search for missing persons, or add insight into their field.


You have information about the most popular social media that is used by internet users today.

Using social media must be wise for anyone. You can use it for business, looking for new friend, and other positive vibes.

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